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Division Statement

Our mission is to be recognized as a regional leader in the renewable energy industry, providing sustainable, innovative and cost-effective renewable energy solutions.

Why Solar Inverters

There is no better source of clean and natural energy than the sun. It radiates more than 10,000 times the amount of energy that the entire world would consume annually. Given its abundance, solar energy can cater to the ever-increasing demand for fuel and make for an efficient source of renewable energy. It is probably the only source of energy that emits no noise while generating power. In addition, it is modular, scalable and highly flexible in nature.

Solar Solutions

Our Solar Solution works with our inverter system to supply power where it is needed. We have solar panels ranging from 100 Watts to 320 watts and inverter systems ranging from 1KVA to 10KVA power ratings.
  • Commercial Solutions

  • Residential Rooftop Solutions

  • Off Grid Solutions

  • Retrofit Existing Inverters

  • Maintenance Support

    • Inverter Solutions

      Our Inverter solution works with batteries to supply power to your essential infrastructure. We offer inverter systems ranging from 1KVA to 10 KVA power ratings.
      • Commercial Solutions

      • Residential Solutions

      • Inverter Repair

      • Maintenance Support


      We provide highly trained and competent engineers to install and commission Battery Systems and all associated cables and cable management systems and ancillary equipment. These works can involve anything from a standard Home Solar Inverter package to a commercial or substation installation. We Market top quality batteries that range from 5ah to 220ah and in different voltages.

      We Offer a 12 to 18 months warranty depending on the specification and application of batteries.
      • Battery Sales/Install

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